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The value offered by RSH can't be found anywhere else. We have been with them since 1998 and will never change.
Rick H.

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The World's Leader in Virtual Server Technology

The HUGE Difference Between a Virtual Server and Virtual Hosting.

Are you stuck with just Web hosting? Take 30 seconds to learn what you're missing. It could be the smartest 30 seconds you spend today!

Is there a Difference?
When asked the question, 'What's the difference between Virtual Servers and Virtual Hosting?', nearly 90% of the respondents think there is no difference. The fact is, that couldn't be further from the truth! These two terms may sound similar, but the power, functionality, and value of the two products are worlds apart.
Your Web site is an important part of your business, so you should understand the difference between Virtual Servers and Virtual Hosting. Once you understand exactly what our virtual server offers you in terms of services, value, and price, the choice will be an easy one to make.

What's Wrong With Virtual Hosting?
Nearly 99% of Web hosting companies use an outdated technology called Virtual Hosting to put your Web site online. The hardware and the software responsible for your online success are controlled by a site administrator who is the only person who can modify the way your Web site is setup and configured. Unfortunately, you have little or no control over the way your Web server, FTP server, and mail services behave. With a Virtual Hosting solution, you're just like a tenant in an over-crowded apartment building, and the landlord not only tells you how to behave, but also controls the success of your business.

The Virtual Server Difference
Now imagine a complete and true Virtual Server Environment, where you don't have to worry about the server hardware costs or maintenance, but where you do have complete control over how your server functions - including your Web server, FTP services, POP mail, SMTP mail, Auto reply, online databases, and more! Our revolutionary Virtual Server environment gives you the power to compete in a fast-paced and ever-changing virtual world. Best of all, it gives you complete control over your online success, but in a straightforward and easy way.

Become Your Own ISP!
In essence, you can become your own Virtual ISP, since you now have the power to add your own Email accounts, FTP accounts, Email aliases, auto responders, passwords, Cgi, Perl scripts, log files, and more. Back on the old Virtual Hosting solution, you'd need to have your administrator add your email accounts, and if someone already took the name that you wanted (, for example), you'd be stuck with a less attractive email name. On a Virtual Server, you can add unlimited email accounts, and name them whatever you want, with 24 hour, 7 day-a-week access to your Virtual Server through a standard telnet connection, or over the Web with our exclusive Virtual Administrator.

Customers Will PAY YOU to Host Them!
One of the most incredible features of our Virtual Server is the ability for you to offer Virtual Hosting on your Virtual Server! You can provide to others what you've been buying all along! You have the power to add multiple domain names to your Virtual Server, each resolving to their own unique directory of your Web server, with their own unique CGI-BIN directories, with their own log files, and with their own usernames and passwords! By offering Virtual Hosting, you can actually make money with your Web server, rather than just give your money away to your ISP.

Simple Enough for Beginners, Strong Enough for Experts.
If you're new to Web server technologies, don't worry. Your Virtual Server comes ready-to-use and pre-configured for standard Web serving applications. Simply build your Web site using any HTML editor and your online! But if you're an expert who wants even more control, now you can SSH (secure telnet) into your server to change your own file permissions, add custom CGI and programs, set up cron jobs, add virtual hosts, edit configuration files, include additional MIME types, analyze log files, manage email accounts, and finally, be free of restrictive virtual hosting. You'll have dedicated server power, at virtual hosting prices!

It's Your Move
So make the move from virtual hosting to a true Virtual Server by ordering your virtual server system today. Don't settle for standard Web hosting. Demand a Virtual Server!
Its your move.

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